About Klassen

We innovate, design, and manufacture efficient solutions in pumping equipment.

At Klassen, we are a family business driven by a commitment to service: since our beginning as a repair shop in 1978, we have been creating innovative solutions to water needs in agriculture and mining, as well as for municipal and residential drinking water supply. Committed to the mission of making the lives of our clients easier and to drive environmental sustainability through the efficient use of electric energy, we are consistently developing more durable and cost-efficient pumping equipment. Thanks to our strategy of integral innovation, we analyze deficiencies and implement changes from the design and engineering phase, the foundry of materials, the machining of the individual components to the final assembly. The knowledge that we have acquired during our 40 years of experience in the industry and our manufacturing capacity allow us to optimize energetic efficiency for specialized or atypic volumes and conditions, always complying with our standards of quality and services.


Mr. Henrich Klassen Peters, founder and visionary of Klassen, designs and builds his own water well drilling rig at his repair show. Consequently, we discovered a need for pumping equipment in our area, therefore we started importing it from the United States of America.


We purchased a series of models, conventional lathes, and related blueprints from a company called Pioneer, to build our own pumping equipment by collaborating with a number of foundries in our region.


As the demand for pumping equipment grew, we installed a rudimentary foundry at our facilities in order to secure better results through production control and speedier lead times.


We designed and built the first original Klassen model, trying to solve the problems found through the reproduction and use of earlier models. Shortly afer that, we purchased the first numerical controlled lathe in our area, which allowed us to standardize the quality of our products and grow our production. This way, today we are capable of manufacturing parts needed to repair earlier pumping equipment.


We made an important step toward sustainable innovation and streamlining our production processes: we implemented electric induction ovens, which allow our foundry division to function without fossil fuels.


We renovated and upgraded our engineering division to the technological forefront: we implemented a numerically controlled three-dimensional casting production system with specialized sofware.


We started to build the first pump hoist, which has been created designed to test a well, transport, and install the pumping equipment.


We built a laboratory for automated testing. This innovation allows us to make a more specialized analysis and to receive immediate feedback to make efficiency improvements with a shorter lead time, empowering our innovation process.


We installed specialized machines to perform the threading and the manufacturing of the turbine pumps, such as pipe, oil tube, shaf and line shaf bearings.


Between 2009 and 2016, the Klassen company experienced a strong period of growth and expansion, consolidating our family business according to the vision set out since its founding.


In response to the problems found in the past years, we begun the process of melting stainless steel: another innovation toward continuous improvement and increased durability in aggressive water conditions, such as sand, solid bodies, and corrosives, which can be used for drinking water, mining and processing facilities.


We do more than talk about our honesty: we put it into practice, integrating it into everything that we do. This is why our efficiency reports reflect the exact performance calculation.


Our promise to our clients and suppliers is to practice responsibility: we innovate, we design, and we manufacture solutions to meet your needs, complying always with our guaranties.


Our challenge is to create solutions for the specific requirements of every situation: we create missing models and constantly implement changes until we achieve optimal efficiency.

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